8 Easy Steps to Learn English Fast

English language Learning……. It’s simple and easy if you follow these tips:

Here are the latest tips to remember in order to learn English Fast.

  1. Are you Interested?

The first and most important step of learning any language is to value out your interest in it. DO you really want to learn or it is just for time being? If there is no push for learning, there will be no learning. You only can get something if you want to get it. So, first step towards learning is to build your interest and maintain it throughout the process. In other words develop your purpose.

  1. Use Dictionary

It is very productive to use a dictionary. As a beginner, you won’t be able to talk in English fluently, but don’t give up as everything need practice. So, start using dictionary to translate the words of daily use, from your native language to English language. For example, if you are a student or an employee, notice your sentences which you speak to your fellows or staff members and translate them into English in your mind. If you find some difficult words you can use dictionary. As its modern era, the era of technology so, you can download a dictionary in your smart phones. Keep a dictionary both at your laptop and smart phone and use it frequently.

  1. Enlarge your Vocabulary

Once you have started practicing speaking English in your routine, you will find out that you need a lot more vocabulary to communicate properly. How you can do it? You can simply do this by playing games like puzzles, words solvers, find the words sequence etc. or you can opt for watching some videos related to your course or work or simply by watching English movies with subtitles. These simple but interesting things will help you a lot to enhance your vocabulary. Note down new words and find out their meanings in your native language.

  1. Practice in Front of Mirror

One of common hurdles in speaking English fluently is lack of confidence or fear of speaking wrong. The best and simple solution to this problem is to assign you some tasks or some situations. Write down a dialogue and practice it loudly in front of mirror. This will help you to check your fluency and also watchful for your body posture and gestures with expressions. Highlight your mistakes, use pronunciation dictionary or other applications to know correct pronunciation and try to speak it again and again. It would be much better to record your voice on your smart phone and listen it critically and seek help from experts.


  1. Read English Newspaper

Another best way to enhance your English is to read English newspaper daily. Make it your habit to read newspaper on daily basis and share news and updates with your companions. Highlight new words and translate them. You can also read online English news paper on your electronic gadgets.

  1. Engaged an English Learner Partner

If any of your fellows is also learning the ways of improving speaking fluency, then it’s a good opportunity for both of you. You can give each other assignments or you can fix some time to practice your English. What you can do? You can opt for activities like sharing your routine, lectures, views on latest happenings or even you can make it more interesting by doing gossip in English.

  1. Think in English

After all these steps, now you can do some higher-level learning that is, to start thinking in English. It will look difficult first but once you start practicing, it will very joyful. Observe your surroundings, enlist situations and think about your actions and reaction in English. If you are in class room you can think questions in English, ask your teacher questions in English. It will not only enhance your fluency but will also help you to increase your confidence.

  1. Always welcome Mistake

Learning a foreign language involves a lot many steps from individual words to a full sentence and much more however, always get ready to accept and commit mistakes as this is an inevitable part of learning a language. The learners who ignore the committing mistake aspect of speaking are evident to become fast and fluent speaker as compared to learners who focus their poor performances and mistakes in particular.

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